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Japan Fish Collagen

$ 32.00

Youthful skin with a high level of collagen appears plump, taut and smooth. Collagen acts as a scaffold underneath your skin.


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Japan Collagen

Benefits of Japan Fish Collagen

Japan Collagen (Fish) contains highly bioavailable and absorbable micro collagen peptides that can effectively replace collagen lost from your body.

  • Maintains water and oil balanceIntensely hydrates skin.
    Well hydrated skin will also produce lesser sebum.
  • Aids skin healing

Collagen is a key component to all processes of wound healing.

  • Plumps up skin and body cells

Makes skin and body cells supple as it maintains cell integrity.

  • Promotes strong and healthy hair

Collagen is a key component of hair structure.
Helps to replenish collagen lose in ageing, brittle hair to strengthen and improve hair quality.

  • Accelerates cell rejuvenation
    Supports the regeneration of skin tissues.
    Skin becomes smoother and firmer with your renewed skin.
  • Brightens skin

Helps to lighten pigmentation and spots.

  • Improves skin texture

Firms skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
It provides structural support to your skin and hence it slows down skin sagging, as a result, pore size can be minimized and become less obvious.